Posted on: January 9, 2011 10:15 pm

Why the Lockout Works

For years and years and even more years our generations have watched the progression of the NFL come to be a multi-powerhouse, a mega force that we cherish as fans for the fall into winter months and then we are faced with the ultimate sadness and painful patience of the next season. We anticipate the draft, claim we are all better coaches and decision makers than the professionals, tell stories of how we used to play the game and pick our favorite player and follow him where ever he goes. We have watched the college world with joy as if they were our own children, best friends or as if we had some sort of stake in the College Football team itself. We see the players play with pride and passion; filled with overwhelming emotions. We all know that the high percentage of them have no intention of becoming anything other than a great NFL player, or to just BE n the NFL. Our earlier Generations, our Grandfathers and Fathers watched our favorite teams that they have passed to us, play with the passion of College kids. These players played their hearts out and when the season ended, they returned to a regular world job after the season. I by no means agree with this today as the Jerry Jones' and Mark Cubans' of the world loom and suck all joy from the game with their never ending paychecks. I do however have a problem with a player saying a couple million is not enough because of what he did last year. He gets 8 million to throw a ball, or catch a ball, or defend a ball or run with the ball, etc. But even if he does not throw it well, catch it at all, defend the passes and runs or even hold on to the ball while running; the owner still has to pay him a salary. Football may be a business in the eyes of the players, but to us fans, it is still a game; and I do not think we as fans will feel the remorse during a lockout. No, we will miss 'The Game of Football". The lockout will teach the players this quickly. Take the Defensive back from Oakland who just received a cut. His contract was incentive based. The greatest contract EVER! Now, take in mind, if I am a great/good Quarterback and I know that you are a great/good defensive back, I may avoid you at all costs, so your job could be in jeopardy...well, make more plays. Play for the strip, watch the QB, do something greater. It is all relative to the fact that we as fans did not do this to the NFL. We just sit, watch and enjoy the game itself. Win or lose, a true fan cheers for his or her team. If the player is cut, well...Best of luck my friend, who is next. I have been a Cleveland Browns fan all of my life and I was born in Jacksonville. So both of the teams I have grown up loving have given me premature gray hair and a loss of finger nails; but I still manage to cheer them on. The Quarterback stinks, the coaching carousel, the defensive problems and such, but by next week, I am still cheering them to take whoever they play, down! The players of the NFL need to realize the people that cheer them on have real problems in life other than the newer Mercedes and rims they will get. As they hold their index finger up, we as fans need to stand and give them another finger back. Bring on the Replacements, keep the team names and we will still watch with heart.
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